Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Immersive Strindberg? You must be crazy...OR DREAMING!

Aloha, culture vultures!  Just finished up an immersive theatre adaptation of August Strindberg's "A Dream Play" entitled "...Or Dreaming" and it was quite the surreal experience!  I played a grungy, vaudevillian Coal Hauler and the Dean of Law (who also happened to be a ventriloquist dummy, naturally).  It was a wonderfully ambitious project for the brand new Pariah Theatre Company and was well received by audiences.  I'd love to see more chances taken in local Boston theatre like this! A rave review from a local paper can be found here and an article on the production from the Boston Globe is here . Below is a very nice promo video made for the show as well.  Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012, we hardly knew ye!

Well, the year is almost at an end, and tumbleweeds are rolling through the ol' blog.  Thought I'd chime in with a little retrospecticus of some past shows.  But I'll start with an upcoming project!
I'll be appearing with the brand new Pariah Theatre Company in it's inaugural performance of "...Or Dreaming" an immersive theatre style adaptation of August Strindberg's "A Dream Play".  It runs December 7-16 in Quincy MA.  Just click the theatre company link for more info!

Now on to previous projects!  This past summer, I had the pleasure of reprising my role as the dastardly General Manager of the Month in the ever-popular "T:  Am MBTA Musical".  This time, instead of the cozy ImprovBoston stage, it was presented in Harvard Square's sprawling Club Oberon.  A splendid time was had by all, and audiences had the misfortune of seeing my glowering mug displayed on a giant screen.  A radio interview with the production team on WGBH can be heard here (& you may even hear me warble a few tunes from the cast recording on it...), and here is a review of the show!

In April, I enjoyed performing once again in a favorite show of mine, "The Fantasticks" with Fiddlehead Theatre.  I played Bellomy, the girls father, & a review can be found here!

I'm also currently a tour guide/actor with the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, portraying stalwart Son of Liberty John Crane, as well as a regular cast member with Mystery Cafe Dinner Theatre.  Happy Holidays to all, & see ya next year!